The Eternal Beat

In celebration of the life of Andrea Marongiu

Welcome to The Eternal Beat, a celebration of the life of Andrea Marongiu, beloved husband, son, brother and friend, and an incredibly talented musician. With an unstoppable passion and drive for life and music, he touched the lives of everyone he came into contact with.

When Andrea passed, a collection was set up in order to try and create something beautiful in his memory, and over £11,000 was raised. I am now delighted to be able to share with you what you have created through your donations, how your generosity has helped to change people’s lives, and how it has ultimately enabled Andrea’s legacy as an incredible drummer to carry on.

Here is how the money has been spent:

British Institute of Modern Music - The Andrea Marongiu Drumming Bursary

It brings me so much happiness to tell you that the Andrea Marongiu Bursary for drummers has been created in partnership with the British Institute of Modern Music. £3000 (a total of £9000) will be available to 3 drummers over a period of 3 years, and applications will be accepted as of this year. Please visit (website address to come) for more information.

Once the 3 students have been selected, it will be my great pleasure to meet them in person and also present them with Andrea’s signature Vater drumsticks. I will post photos and details of the successful students and why we chose them later this year.

The Royal Festival Hall

A donation of £1200 has been made to the Royal Festival Hall in London, and you can find Andrea’s name on seat MM5
Andrea attended many concerts here, and it felt fitting to offer them financial support as well as give Andrea his own seat there.

British Heart Foundation

A donation of £1000 has been made to the British Heart Foundation to their Mending Broken Hearts appeal (get involved), and a donation page in Andrea’s name has also been set up for anyone who wishes to make a new donation (here). There is also the opportunity to leave any messages, photos, stories etc on this page so it would be great to hear from as many of you as possible here.

Thank you so much for all your support, you can see the amazing difference it has made to others.

I will continue to keep this page updated with any more news.

With love,

(The Fundrazer website also took a percentage of all donations in the form of transaction fees)

British Heart Foundation