The Eternal Beat

In celebration of the life of Andrea Marongiu


Isaac has scored fantastic grades across all of his assessments this year, with his highest mark coming from his Techniques module, which focuses on technical drumming competence in applied musical settings.

He received positive feedback from his Techniques tutor, who stated:
Isaac created an interesting and evolving drum part which served the music well and was delivered with authority. He creates a commanding tone from the drum set and executes the technical aspects of the part to a high level.

When asked for an update on his current projects, Isaac had this to say:
I’m currently working at Apple part time to help fund staying in Bristol over summer, which has enabled me to keep momentum with a band I joined called ‘We Struck Gold’. We have an album due for release in late 2018, and a lead single due for imminent release. We played a couple of festivals over the summer and have received lots of interest from promoters. I also spent a week this summer playing at New Wine, a big Christian festival. I was part of the house band in the main tent, playing to about 2000 people twice a day, which was such a great experience. I’m also starting another band with some incredible musicians, mainly aimed for function events to help generate income for myself.


Zac has had a very strong first year, achieving good grades in all his assessments. His top mark this year came form his Live Performance Workshop module. Within this module students collaborate to prepare an authentic recreation of a track. Each student applies their knowledge and skill of their instrument to develop material suitable for a live ensemble performance.

Some feedback Zac has received this year is below:
The cymbal work in 'hang' sections was beautiful in design and dynamic execution. A particular strength was in the dynamic control and shape of the whole piece – which was approached with a studio dynamic and worked very well in creating a mellow tone for a mellow track.

Here are Zac’s own words on the first year of his Degree:
My first year went incredibly well. I've made some great contacts and my playing is improving steadily. I've learned a great deal, not only regarding my instrument, but in a much broader musical sense, whether it be production, live performance, team work; you name it really. As for ongoing projects; there are two which I’m currently involved with are a direct result of my studies at BIMM.

Little King - All original material in all sorts of sub-rock genres. We've just recorded our first EP in our own studio which will soon be available on all major distribution platforms.

LAPIS - My newest project and a 5 piece modern rock/metal band. We first got together for an LPW assessment and were lucky enough to get through to the 2018 End Of Term Gig, winning the Best Performance award, which was fantastic!


Ben’s strongest module this year has been Music Business. Within this module students develop their knowledge of particular industry sectors, research the music related industry and make informed choices on their career options.

Some feedback Ben has received this first year:
Your flair and originality really came out with quirky groove displacements and matching the snare to rhythmic features in the riffs - this shows good listening skills and musicality in conceiving your drum part.

When asked to reflect on the first year of his degree, Ben had this to say:
I feel that I've done fairly well this year and I am very happy and looking forward to getting on with the next year! I’ve been playing shows with a project I started with my flatmate and we're starting to move forward with that, with an aim to get some recorded material released soon!